Serve 101 takes place every 4th Sunday of the month. 
If you are interested in serving at Remnant, it is 
essential for you to attend to learn why we serve
and how we serve at Remnant Church. Sign up at the 
button below.
If you are interested in being baptized,
please click the button below and sign up.
We can’t wait to celebrate with you and your family your decision to follow Christ!
If you are interested in learning more about Remnant Church 
including the ministries that we offer, our history, the mission
and vision of Remnant and our planned future, then Everything
Remnant is for you! Lunch is provided. All you need to do is
sign up.
Sign up by clicking the button.
If you are wanting to join Remnant
Church, sign up at the button below.
Partnership 101 will take place
the Wednesday night
prior to Partnership Sunday
with Pastor Caleb during the 7 PM
service to answer all questions.